In-House Care Services

Eden Healthcare Center offers a holistic and nurturing approach to rehabilitation through our in-house care services. With a dedicated in-house staff that boasts extensive experience and genuine commitment, we have redefined the rehabilitation experience, fostering relationships and enabling communication between healthcare professionals. 

Seniors Blue Book notes that “the therapy program of a senior care community is a vital component and drives successful patient outcomes.” We completely agree with that sentiment and offer three primary reasons why Eden’s in-house rehabilitation program is at the forefront of quality care.

Continuity of Care

One of the cornerstones of Eden Healthcare Center’s success is the cultivation of personal relationships between our in-house staff and patients. In-house rehabilitation allows for a continuity of care that transcends the traditional patient-provider dynamic. When a rehab team has worked at the same facility for an extended period of time, as ours have, they develop a profound understanding of their patients’ needs, preferences, and progress. A therapist’s personal touch and genuine concern can become a driving force in an individual’s recovery journey. 

Synergistic Care

Second, the clear and consistent communication between the nursing staff and rehab therapists is a tremendous benefit at Eden Healthcare Center. This synergy ensures that every aspect of a patient’s care is coordinated and aligned. Nursing staff have firsthand knowledge of a patient’s progress, allowing them to provide well-informed support and assistance. Likewise, rehab therapists can communicate specific needs, progress updates, and any adjustments required in the treatment plan. They can discuss evolving needs, track progress, and adapt strategies in real time. This integrated approach not only expedites the healing process but also enhances the quality of care received.


Third, consistency is a key factor in successful rehabilitation. Eden Healthcare Center recognizes the importance of this principle and leverages our in-house care model to provide consistent and customized treatment. When a patient works with the same team of therapists and caregivers, a deep level of understanding and trust is established. The cohesion empowers therapists to fine-tune treatment plans based on evolving needs and responses. A tailored approach ensures the individual’s rehabilitation journey is not only effective but attuned to their unique needs.

Individualized Care

The power of personal relationships, seamless communication between nursing staff and rehab therapists, and the benefits of consistency all combine to create an environment where patients receive holistic, individualized care. Our in-house rehabilitation model sets a high standard for excellence in patient care. Come visit us today to see just what we can do.